Review Process

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All submitted articles will be peer-reviewed according to the standards of the review process:


  •    Editorial Assessment


The authors are asked to acknowledge that (a) they transfer the copyright to the Publisher; (b) publishing manuscript does not violate any third party rights, and they take the full responsibility if otherwise; (c) the paper has not been published elsewhere and has not been submitted for publication elsewhere.

As a condition of manuscript acceptance, articles must be (a) in accordance with the CMQ Aims and Scope, (b) adjusted to the formal and technical criteria from Manuscript Guidelines and Manuscript Submission Policies, (c) written in correct and clear English. If those criteria are fulfilled the manuscript is sent to the internal editor for a review. Taking previous assessments the editor-in-chief accepts a manuscript for publication process or rejects it. Rejected paper may not be resubmitted.

The Editorial Staff reserves the right to shorten and correct submitted manuscripts and to make alterations regarding article titles.


  •    Reviewers Assessment


Accepted articles are evaluated by external and international reviewers (at least two ) in a double-blind review formula. If articles are assessed positively, they are qualified to be published. If manuscripts are assessed positively, but require minor revision, they are sent to authors for revision. Having received comments from reviewers and Editorial Staff, the authors are required to provide a revised manuscript within 14 days, unless agreed otherwise. Not fulfilling this condition will be regarded as resignation from publishing the article.

The articles are forwarded on to be proofread by their authors within 7 days.


  •    Reviewing Procedure


The author and the reviewer are anonymous to each other (a double-blind review process).

If the criteria of a double-blind review have not been met, a reviewer must sign a declaration stating there is no conflict of interest between an author and a reviewer. A conflict of interest should be understood as one of the following: (a) a direct personal relation between the two (family relationship, legal relationship, conflict), (b) a reporting relationship, (c) a direct scientific cooperation within two years prior to the reviewing process.

A review is provided in electronic version, in written form, and includes a definite recommendation on whether the article should be published or not.

All participants will be also asked to review two or more manuscripts accordingly to their scientific scope of interests.


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